Past Speakers

  • 1/21/11 - Helen Holdsworth Executive Director Texas Brigades, Vice President of Conservation Legacy for TWA (Texas Wildlife Association),and Allison Bentke, Brenham ISD 8th grade science teacher involved in a unique and challenging detailed study of the Texas white-tailed deer utilizing the L.A.N.D.S. (Learning Across New Dimensions in Science) model. (VIEW PDF)
  • 8/21/10 - Carter Smith, Executive Director for the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. (VIEW PDF)
  • 1/16/10 - Rebecca McKeever and Stephanie Lubianski - Lone Star Wildlife Rescue is a group of state and federally permitted rehabilitators who are dedicated to the care of injured and orphaned native Texas wildlife for the purpose of release back into the wild. We have several wildlife rehabilitation facilities and are able to serve the counties of Austin, Brazos, Colorado, Fayette, Waller, and Washington. (VIEW PDF)
  • 8/22/09 - Greg Pleasant, Wildlife Biologist for Texas Parks & WIldlife Department spoke on Tracks, Scat and Sign. (VIEW PDF)
  • 1/17/09 - Marc Bartoskewitz, Assistant Area Manager Natural Resource, King Ranch spoke on Wildlife and Habitat Management: A King Ranch Perspective. (VIEW PDF)
  • 8/22/08 - Robert Lehmann, retired Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Biologist relayed his views on the changes in habitat and wildlife populations in Washington County over the last 30 years. (VIEW PDF)
  • 1/25/08 - David Langford, member of a six-generation Texas ranching family, a well-traveled nature photographer and a conservation advocate. (VIEW PDF)
  • 8/24/07 - Catherine Barr, PhD, American Board of Toxicology, Veterinary Toxicologist. (VIEW PDF)
  • 1/19/07 - Don Steinbach, Professor Emeritus, Texas A&M University and retired from the Wildlife and Fisheries Department. Mr. Steinbach’s presence is well known in and around the Washington County area where he has assisted in the development of wildlife management. Don gave an informative talk on the Past, Present and Future of Wildlife in Washington County. (VIEW PDF)
  • 8/25/06 - Dr. Jim Cathey, Texas Cooperative Extension Wildlife Specialist presented Feral Hog Management. (VIEW PDF)
  • 1/27/06 - John Jefferson, Wildlife Photographer. (VIEW PDF)
  • 8/26/05 - Mary Anne Weber, Education Coordinator, Houston Audubon Society spoke on Birds and Bird Conservation. (VIEW PDF)

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