Privacy Statement

WCWS Privacy Policy on Membership E-Mail Information

Members who share their e-mail addresses with WCWS for communication with WCWS will be entitled to expect:

  1. That the address(s) will not be sold nor shared with other individuals, groups and/or organizations;
  2. That the addresses will not be publically published;
  3. That addresses will be held confidentially as Proprietary Property collected by WCWS for WCWS’s exclusive use;
  4. That WCWS e-mail to its list will not reveal members’ addresses to each other;
  5. That WCWS will not use nor allow its list to be used for matters not connected to WCWS business, projects or news;
  6. That WCWS will not use nor allow its members e-mail list to be used for forwarding any matter not within the description of #5 above.

Members are not allowed to access the list or copy it for any purpose. Members who are willing to have other members access their address will have to publish it through some other method. Members who violate this policy may be sanctioned by the Executive Committee as it deems appropriate.

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