Weather Forecast for Burning

The National Weather Service has very good weather forecasting tools. If you plan to do any outdoor burning, whether a prescribed burn on several acres or just a trash pile burn in your back yard, knowing the near-term weather forecast is important to having a safe fire.

Here are links to a few key locations around Washington County. You can pick one of these that is reasonably close to you and zoom on the map or drag it around until your find your spot, click on it, and then you have the spot forecast for your place. You can also get there by entering your property address in the search box on the main page. To get to the main page from the hourly weather chart, go to the bottom of the page and click on 7-Day Forecast.

If you prefer to locate your own spot directly, go to the page “How to Get an Hourly Weather Forecast.

For those of you who have Android smart phones you can get an app from the Play Store (and maybe other places) called NOAA Weather Unofficial.   There are two versions, one free and one is the Pro version. But both are free and there appears to be no significant difference between them. To access the fire weather option when you have the app installed and active, press the menu key and select Hourly Fire Forecast. It will be the forecast for where you are then. This is mainly useful for checking the weather onsite during a burn.

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