Washington County Burning Guidelines

Washington County Burning Guidelines

County Judge John Brieden
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Washington County Courthouse
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Outdoor Burning is prohibited when a “Burn Ban” is in effect The following rules are in effect at all times that a “Burn Ban” is not in effect. Please notify Dispatch at (979) 337-7272 prior to burning.

Outdoor Burning Is Allowed For: • Recreation, ceremony, cooking, or warmth. • Disposal of normal domestic waste from a private residence. Examples of normal domestic waste include such things as kitchen garbage, untreated lumber, cardboard boxes, clothing, and packaging materials (including plastic and rubber packaging). • Disposal of trees, brush, grass, leaves, and crop residue. • Disposal of animal carcasses. • Forest, range, and wildland/wildlife management purposes.

Allowed Outdoor Burning Is Subject To The Following Requirements: • Burning may only be conducted when wind direction is such that smoke will not adversely affect any public road, landing strip, navigable water, or off-site structure used for human residence or business, the containment of livestock, or the housing of sensitive live vegetation. • Burning must be attended to by a responsible party while the fire is progressing. • Burning may only be conducted when wind speed is 23 mph or less. • Burning must be outside the limits of an incorporated city unless the city has ordinances that permit burning. • Prior to burning for forest management, the Texas Forest Service must be notified.

Examples Of Wastes That May NOT Be Burned:
• Tires, shingles, plastic and rubber that is not packaging, insulated wire, treated lumber, furniture, carpet, appliances, non-wood construction/demolition materials, asphaltic materials, chemical wastes, heavy oils, and explosive materials. Conducting burning in compliance with these rules does not exempt the responsible party from the consequences, damages, or injuries resulting from the burn and does not excuse anyone from complying with all other applicable laws.

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